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Facebook Ads for Business Generation

While we push advertising to exactly intending buyers on Google Ads, on Social platforms like Facebook or Instagram its more of a pull marketing. Here, we can isolate a group of audiences based on their interests and whoever matches your business’s target audience, we try to lure them with professionally designed and written ad copies to our websites, landing pages or social profiles. Social advertising helps you create awareness among people who may not yet have the intent right now, but with our offers engage with us, and be our customers sooner or later. Also for e-commerce sales and lead generation for events, educational institutes, and certain services Facebook ads and Instagram ads work like Google and drive instant sales or lead with similar efficiency as that of Google Ads.

Google Ads PPC Management

Search Marketing is highly dominated by Google across the world, and when it comes to identifying the buyer’s intent, there is nothing better than Google Keywords. With Google Ads, we can separate people searching for information from people looking to buy a product, event or find a business to service them. Digiconian helps you identify opportunities in search marketing for your business based on your business size and locations it operates at.

With a custom budgeting, we can precisely estimate on what kind of initial ROI we can expect, and how much further we can expand it over the period.

Remarketing Ads Management

While search and social advertising with PPC generate the initial interaction with potential customers, remarketing with Google Display marketing or Facebook, lets you interact with interested customers again and again.

Why? – you may ask.

Remarketing helps you create a brand value, trust, or credibility and also drive the sales/leads with better offers. It fulfills all the goals of your initial pay-per-click advertising intent and at fraction of a cost. So there is no reason – why any business should not invest in remarketing along with other forms of digital marketing.

LinkedIn Ads Management

Working on B2B lead generation has vast options offline, but LinkedIn has presented a never seen before opportunities for B2B space. LinkedIn Ads offers robust PPC options to laser-focus on professional connections that can bring more business.

With messages, Sponsored Messages and In-Feed LinkedIn Ads, you will be spending significantly higher than other paid advertising channels, but the conversion rates will be much higher with the right targetting.

Local Search Ads Management

Local search ads are very essential components of your PPC strategy especially if you operate in limited geographical locations. Digiconian helps you optimize your local business website along with map listing, local search listing, and much more to make the most out of your local Search Ads.

Google Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads are only relevant to e-commerce stores, that want to display their product on brand keywords and a few additional keyword searches. Google Shopping Ads management is provided as part of our E-commerce 360 package, where we help E-commerce stores with end-to-end digital marketing and technology management.

We're a dynamic team of Marketing Experts

We offer all of the above and the very essential MarTech team that manages, optimizes and troubleshoot the data-level as well as the technology-level problems for your online business. We recently generated 400% ROI in Just 30 Days of Digital Marketing, want to know more?

PPC Management Process

PPC or pay-per-click is one of the fastest ways to get your business in front of your highly targeted audience. Your business gets visibility where your customers are in a ‘Buying Mode’, making your customer acquisition process much faster.

Our pay-per-click management services are deeply explained below for business owners like you for understanding why you should go for this type of Paid Advertising.

PPC Audit

If you have already worked on Google or Facebook Ads yourself and were unsatisfied with the returns or conversion rates, we perform deep research on your funnels from landing pages to the ad campaign level minute details. The key to successful PPC advertising is smart execution, and we start with your PPC audit to identify and fix the loopholes in current Adwords or Facebook Ads account.

PPC audit is even relevant for new clients who are trying the online advertising for the very first time. This process is a granular refinement of your complete web presence, to generate high returns on Ad spend that eventually gets you profitable business through digital marketing.

Bullet-Proof Digital Assets

Bringing the right customers to our website is less of a challenge compared to convincing them to decide on doing the business with you. Such decisions happen in less than a few minutes after they click on your advertising and visit your website.

From promising something in the advertising to showcasing the same promise on your landing page (a dedicated offer/product/service page), the credibility has to be consistent in this funnel. Once you build the right trust, you have lead or sale, right there and then. There is more to it, like re-acquiring potential customers who land on your pages but leaves for some reason. Such kind of remarketing activities needs a robust digital infrastructure in place, which amateur PPC agencies fail to do so. Digiconian builds bullet-proof digital assets like – a high-performance website, multiple landing pages, a data layer with Google Tag Manager to track the customer’s complete journey, and remarketing with Google Display Ads and Facebook advertising.

PPC Ad Management Platforms

Search Advertising and PPC went hand in hand for years until the rise of social and professional advertising. Now, most businesses are confused about where to allocate the PPC budget and how much.

While a professional PPC manager like us only trusts real-time data generated with test campaigns, we have a fair understanding of how these platforms differ. While most businesses try to acquire clients from all the platforms, let’s explore the PPC and Display marketing options, and help you make the initial decision. .

Flexible & Transparent Pricing

$ 375

Basic Plan

Monthly Plan

  • Upto $5000/month ad spend
  • Up to 250 keywords targeted
  • Landing Pages Designed: up to 4
  • Initial Campaign design, development, & strategy
  • Google PPC Network
  • Google Shopping Management
  • Facebook Ads Network
  • LinkedIn PPC Network
  • Strategic bid management
  • Monthly performance and analysis report
  • Initial setup cost extra
25% of Ad Spend

Aggressive Plan

Monthly Plan

  • $5000-$12500/month ad spend
  • Up to 800 keywords targeted
  • Landing Pages Designed: upto 10
  • Initial Campaign design, development, & strategy
  • Google PPC Network
  • Google Shopping Management
  • Facebook Ads Network
  • LinkedIn PPC Network
  • Strategic bid management
  • Monthly performance and analysis report
  • Initial setup cost extra
20% of Ad Spend

Enterprise Plan

Monthly Plan

  • $12500-$25000+ /month ad spend
  • Up to 2000 keywords targeted
  • Landing Pages Designed: upto 15
  • Initial Campaign design, development, & strategy
  • Google PPC Network
  • Google Shopping Management
  • Facebook Ads Network
  • LinkedIn PPC Network
  • Strategic bid management
  • Monthly performance and analysis report
  • Initial setup cost extra

Why Get PPC Management with Digiconian?

Following are reasons why you will love working with Digiconian team:

  1. We’re a team of Digital Marketers and Data Analysts.
  2. We’re basically nerds who prefer your tech, marketing and sales should sync to effectively deliver extremely high value by generating new business.
  3. We manage end-to-end services for PPC management be it the basic website, landing page management, writing, ad designs, data layer integration and management, data analytics, and reporting. Such compressive integration offers a much-needed edge to our offered services and promises market-leading results from PPC campaigns for all shapes and sizes of businesses that work with us.
  4. Fast delivery with PPC management is quite impossible unless you have years of experience in managing campaigns for B2B, B2C, and eCommerce customers. Digiconian has that capability, and our PPC campaigns are out of the box optimized for high-performance and high-ROI.
  5. We have beaten industry average conversion rates for multiple customers, be it a small educational institute in a small city like Nashik or B2B client from Mumbai, A leading manufacturers of scientific equipment.
  6. A dedicated account manager that will be your single contact point that listens to your valuable business inputs for our campaigns, discusses the ongoing campaigns along with reports and custom dashboards where you can see the metrics that matter. Consistent and transparent communication that drives immense value to our customers with faster decision making across the various campaign stages.
  7. We’re a team that cares for your business growth. We grow with you, and we make sure each of the penny that you spend on PPC advertising with our digital marketing agency brings you the business and revenue you deserve.
  8. Your ads will show on Top 3 positions, which grabs the major of the business from those keywords.
  9. We don’t restrict ourselves to certain ad types, and deliver you results through whatever is most profitable for your business – be it Search, Display, Intent-based, audience-based or remarketing ads.

What our clients say about us

"From casual mobile games to PC to room scale VR games, they handled marketing for several indie games we made. DC's profound insights and knowledge in digital marketing helped us strategize our pre & post-launch user acquisition."
Manas Gajare
Fufu Kids | Zabuza Labs
"They are a skilled bloggers, talented digital marketers and their calm and collected approach to solving expansive problems has been very influential."
Rohit Raut
Content Guru
"Digiconian has assisted me from last five years for various online marketing activities like SEO, content marketing & performance-based ad campaigns. Highly recommend them if you want results and expand your business online."
Mohit Sharma
"Digiconian has a fantastic, passionate team. Got a chance to work with them where they catered FLY360 with their digital marketing services. Helped to build brand FLY360 and reach the global market. Highly, recommend this team. Best wishes to Digiconian for their future endeavor. "
Nisarg Shah
Vice President, Fly360

Frequently Asked Questions

Ad Management FAQ

Why do I need a PPC management agency? 

While you can definitely ‘do it yourself’ – the Google AdWords or Facebook PPC ad management with the available tools, things are overwhelming for someone who has no experience managing PPC campaigns. It’s easy to get lost in fancy data tools and dashboards provided, while we ignore the key performance indicators across the PPC campaigns. If you don’t want to un-necessarily BURN the budget, it is recommended that you work with professionals. If you’re doing it partially successfully, you’re welcome to take up our PPC audit package and get your account analyzed by our PPC strategist who can consult and help you improve your campaigns.

Why do you change a one-time setup fee when you are already charging a pay-per-click management monthly fee?

Refer to our “Bullet-proof Digital Infrastructure’ section. To make a high performing campaign that doesn’t leak any important user data and help you retarget various buyer journey stages, it is essential to create a robust infrastructure. It’s a quite complex and intensive task for our tech team, and so the one-time fees is based on your account and digital asset sizes. If you already have everything well setup, we can onboard you for free and start with our regular management fees.  


I have less budget to start with PPC, can you still work with me?

The way digital works is that the initial budget is spent on generating data specific to your business by running actual campaigns. We need at least that much budget to get started. Once we have the necessary data, we can analyze and offer you a custom package where you can expect future returns based on ad spends. So a certain budget is must be depending on your industry, location, and competition. Book a call with us, consultation and basic analysis are always free with us!  


What is the profitability ratio we can expect from PPC campaigns?

Frankly, it depends on multiple factors, some of which our PPC manager can take care of and some dependencies are on your sales team. How we estimate is by understanding your customer’s average lifetime value (LTV) and go to granular levels with the following data:

1. Cost per lead/sale

2. Cost per conversion

3. Revenue per conversion

4. Revenue per click

5. Return on Ad Spend (Ratio of Total Revenue/Cost Per Conversion or Lead)

While its highly impossible for us to guesstimate these numbers without running any kind of test campaigns. One thing that gets better every month for you is your campaign performance over time. Your cost per lead or cost per sale goes down significantly over the first 3-6 months of PPC management with us. Later on, we stabilize the costs and improve the profitability by scaling up the campaign as per the client’s allowed pay-per-click budget.

Technology :

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