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When you have a local business and want more customers nearby to find your business, Local SEO Services can assure the highest visibility. Potential customers around you will be able to find you with just a simple Google search. That way, you’ll always be in their mind. If your business isn’t on Local SEO services, you are missing out on the most qualified traffic, in turn missing out on qualified leads and sales that you can acquire the fastest.
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Local SEO Services from Digiconian

We, at Digiconian, understand that every business is different and unique in its own way. That means every business has different needs, different target audience, different goals, & a different budget.

We have addressed that! If you don’t like our existing local SEO plans, we give you the power to customize your own local SEO plan based on your goals and requirements. Depending on the number of locations you want to optimize, we offer our services.

You can check out our deliverables here. What exactly will you get with Digiconian’s local SEO services? Keep reading.

1. Local Keyword Research

Keywords research is one of the most crucial parts of any SEO campaign. This research allows you to find out which keywords are important to your business, which terms your target audience is searching, & what keywords your competition are already targeting.

Targeting local keywords is the most important thing when you implement a local SEO campaign. You have to include your town, city, or state’s name at the front end of your services in order to rank for location-based keywords in your geographical area.

Examples would be, “Mumbai Oberoi Hotel”, “Hyderabad Karachi Bakery”, or “Le Meridian Pune”.

If you look closely, all of these keywords have the location of the business. This will help them rank highly for that keyword at their location. Needless to say, Digiconian includes Local Keyword Research in every package.

2. Google My Business Setup & Optimization

Google My Business (GMB) is the ultimate tool for Local SEO for a local business. If you don’t have a profile, it will be extremely difficult for you to rank as a local result on the search result page.

With a Google My Business profile, users that are searching for a keyword which is associated with your business will get valuable information about your business.  Since all this information is available at the tap of a button, potential buyers are more likely to visit your physical store.

The information that’s given with a GMB listing in results pages is:

  • Average Google rating based on ratings given by old customers
  • The website link (dedicated button)
  • Website
  • Button for directions to your physical store
  • Operational hours
  • The store’s inside and outside photos
  • Phone number
  • Physical address
  • Reviews of old customers
  • Reviews from other websites like Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc
  • FAQs about the business
  • “People also search for”

With a GMB profile, all this information is neatly presented to the users. When we set up your GMB profile, other than all the important information, we also add all the pictures and multimedia elements which help in attracting customers.

3. On-Page SEO Work For Your Current Website

SEO strategy is extremely wide with many smaller strategies working together.

Simply put, on-page SEO is a process that optimizes the information that is on your website to help you rank better on the search engines.

On-page SEO can be achieved by performing the following tactics:

Keyword optimization: We have already mentioned how important keyword research is for any business. These keywords are optimized in all the content that is on the website. This helps your website to rank higher, that means the most to your company. This gets you more relevant traffic for your website that eventually translates into more physical store visits.

Valuable content: Without good content, the pages on your website will never rank high on the search engine’s search results. Therefore, high-quality content creation and implementation serve well for Google to rank on result pages. The more valuable the content, the higher is the ranking. This becomes an important reason to follow the best SEO practices.

Including multimedia elements and making sure Google finds it: Google can only read the text. It cannot read images or other multimedia elements. Therefore, it is our job to make sure Google knows what’s on the images by using alt texts and descriptions for images and other elements. Without these tags, pictures look blank to Google and it won’t rank them.

Updating content regularly: Google loves fresh content. Therefore, to have your website pages rank consistently higher on Google’s search results, you will have to update them on a regular basis. Therefore, having a blog on your website is extremely beneficial.

4. Adding Address To Current Website

If your ultimate goal is to have more store visits, then you need to make sure that the potential customers should be able to find your physical location easily, this can be done by adding your address to your website pages.

5. Website Copywriting With Local SEO Optimization

If you have a problem creating your own local content, Digiconian offers services which will help you create high-quality content for your website. This content is highly optimized for local SEO, hence it ranks easily on the search results page.

6. Titles & Meta Descriptions

Digiconian will take care of creating catchy title’s and meta description to help increase clicks to your website.

Want your store or office in top of Google Local Search listings?

It is possible to make it a great experience for your potential clients to find you through Google Local Search by beating your competition on Google search in your area.

Digiconian can deliver the top visibility for your business and high value for your customers by showing the local search result at the right place and at the right time.

Your customers will be happy to see that how easy it is to find you, and with your quality services, you can keep climbing the Local Reviews every day.

Start this amazing journey of Local business optimization with us today!

What Are Local SEO Services?

Local SEO or local search engine optimization is an SEO strategy that is specially designed for local businesses who want to increase their visibility in search engines, thereby reaching out to more customers and increase their revenue. Local SEO services focus on improving the rank of your business listings in online search results.

Today, everyone searches on Google when they are looking to buy something in their area. These are potential customers. To make sure they come to you, you must appear at the top of the search results. Local SEO helps your business to achieve the top rank so more people can find you and contact you and visit your local business.

So you must be wondering now about how can you rank your business at the top of the search results in your area? Read the list of our local SEO services which are designed to boost your local search rankings. To rank at the top of Google’s (or any other search engine) search results page, you have to focus on local SEO services listed below for your business.

Optimizing Google My Business

A listing on Google My Business contains key information about businesses and they appear when people search for their services near them. For example, when someone searches for “best waffle shop near me”, it gives the following result:


The listings at the top of search results are a part of Google’s local SEO 3-pack. When you search for terms using keywords like “near me” or “near [specific location]”, you get a listing of three businesses in the search results page.

Searchers can see the location and other valuable information of these waffle shops on the above map and after clicking on any one of the results, it displays all the information of that listing.


For your business to appear in Google’s top 3 listings for your keywords, you will have to claim and optimize your Google My Business listing. It’s important that you keep your business name, address, & number (NAP) information consistent across all your online listings to improve your chances of earning the top spot in search results.

Citation Building

It’s quite necessary to build local citations for your Google My Business listing. These citations primarily contain your business’ NAP information along with a link to your website and other information.

These citation building campaigns help you to earn local listings on other websites like Bing, Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, & more. Digiconian can help you with building citations and keeping them updated so that relevant traffic is drawn to your website.

Keyword Targeting

You need to target specific local keywords on your website and content to rank at the top of local search results. For example, if a watch shop in Nashik area wants to rank in more local search results, they will optimize their page titles, website content, & meta descriptions to include the keywords e.g:

“Best watches in Madhapur, Hyderabad or “Luxury watch shop in Panchavati, Nashik, India”.

In addition to that, you can also create some location-specific pages on your website. This way, targeting location-based keywords along with specific service pages can help your business appear in more local searches. Therefore, more people in and around your area can find and contact you.

Rating And Review Management

Rating’s and reviews appear as feedback from your buyers on your business listings on websites like Google My Business, Bing, etc. These reviews and ratings play a critical role in attracting new customers to your business as people look at them before visiting the local business. Therefore, it becomes important that you respond to each online review that you get. Be it positive or negative, when you respond to these reviews, it shows potential buyers that you take their feedback and needs very seriously.

Don’t have enough time to put in for managing your local business reviews? Digiconian offers review management services to keep your digital presence in its best shape.

Link Building

Links from other reputable, local businesses boost your local search rankings in a big way. Such links are called backlinks. So earning such high-quality backlinks should be a top priority.

But how do you earn backlinks?

Begin by creating valuable content that targets local keywords related to your business. If the content is good enough, other websites can backlink to your website in their own content. Google and other search engines consider the number of backlinks as well as their quality when ranking websites. Therefore, it’s extremely important to have a strong backlink profile which has links from authority businesses in the local area.

User Experience

If a visitor has a great experience on your website, he stays longer and has a permanent impression of your site in his mind. Hence, your website must provide a great user experience (UX) if you want more local traffic.

If your website has a bad user experience, visitors will go back to another site and your bounce rate will increase which will, in turn, affect your search rankings.

A quick fix for improving websites’ UX:

  • Speed up your website with page speed optimization services.
  • Navigation should be streamlined with strong internal linking which will help the user find what they were looking for.
  • Adding interactive and visual elements engages a user for a prolonged time.

Explore our website development packages with creative UI/UX 

Responsive Design Across All Devices

Making your website responsive to all the devices like smartphones, desktop, tablet, etc is essential. More than half of online search traffic comes from smartphones alone. When searchers are looking for a local business, it is very much possible that they are on-the-go and, therefore, searching for information from their mobile devices. This makes it mandatory for local businesses to have a website design that is responsive on all devices. A responsive website looks & performs great on any device you use to access.

You can check out Google’s Mobile-Friendly test tool to see if your website is mobile-friendly. If you aren’t happy with the results, Digiconian offers services to help you improve your website and make it rank higher in local search results. Explore our responsive website development service packages here.

3 Qualities to find the best Local SEO services Agency

Want to start Local SEO services for your business and looking for a good SEO agency? Following are the qualities which differentiate an average agency from a great SEO agency that can deliver the results: 

If an agency claims that they can bring you to the top of search results, it is essential that they themselves are able to rank at the top! If not, then its highly unlikely that they can help your local business achieve top rankings. Just perform a simple Google search “best local SEO agency in [your city]”. If the agency you have in mind doesn’t show up on the first page of the search results, then you are better off without them. SEO services is a long-term strategy. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you work with an SEO agency who can actually drive results.

It is important that the local SEO agency has complete transparency in the services they offer. They are transparent about their pricing for their local SEO services and hence publish these prices on their website. Many local SEO agencies avoid publishing their prices on their website, but at Digiconian, we want our potential clients to know exactly how much budget they will need for our local SEO services and what they will get in return.

We, at Digiconian, follow this practice & you can see our transparent offers on not just our local SEO services, but on all the other services that we provide. If you have queries about our local SEO pricing, Give us a call at 7620396875, & our local SEO strategist will be glad to help you.

Agencies who drive results consistently for their clients publish testimonials & reviews on their website which they receive from their existing clients. These testimonials provide powerful proof about the company and you get a good idea about the reputation a company has earned from its clients. Let me make this clear, no agency is perfect but if a local SEO agency has a high number of bad reviews, you must start looking elsewhere.

On the contrary, if clients are generally happy with an agency’s work, they will give positive reviews. This means that the local SEO agency has the potential to take your local company business to a new height.

Flexible & Transparent Pricing

$ 400

Basic Plan

Monthly Plan

  • No. of Locations - 1
  • Dedicated Local SEO Expert
  • On-Page Local SEO (5 keywords per location)
  • Google My Business Setup & Optimization
  • Citation Management
  • Review Management
  • Ongoing monthly detailed report
$ 450

Aggressive Plan

Monthly Plan

  • No. of Locations - 2
  • Dedicated Local SEO Expert
  • On-Page Local SEO (5 keywords per location)
  • Google My Business Setup & Optimization
  • Citation Management
  • Review Management
  • Ongoing monthly detailed report
$ 500

Enterprise Plan

Monthly Plan

  • No. of Locations - 3
  • Dedicated Local SEO Expert
  • On-Page Local SEO (5 keywords per location)
  • Google My Business Setup & Optimization
  • Citation Management
  • Review Management
  • Ongoing monthly detailed report

How does Local SEO Services benefit businesses?

A local SEO campaign will impact your business in great ways. Today, the searches including the keywords “near me” have increased by more than twice in the past year. This means that people are looking for an easier way to find businesses closest to them.

A statistic shows that more than 60% of customers who performed the local search, visited a store within 10 kms. All this data only shows that it is necessary for you to optimize your website with local SEO because buyers are making decisions based on their location and how close they are to a store that is offering what they are looking for.

If you want your business to show up in your target audiences’ search results, utilizing local SEO is the best strategy. Following are some other benefits of local SEO services:

Being an online strategy, local SEO is completely trackable. You can always check how your campaign is performing in real-time. Google Analytics not only shows your campaign performance in real-time but also lets you tweak things to make the performance even better. This way, you are never in the dark and you have all the minute details of your campaign at your disposal at all times.

When you completely utilize your Google My Business profile and optimize your website with local SEO, search results start showing a map of your location, reviews, ratings, etc to attract users who can visit your location.

Google My Business results also visually dominate a major part in the search result top rankings.

With local SEO services, you will be more visible on search engine results page which will translate into more website traffic. Potential buyers will be able to see good ratings and great reviews from your previous customers on your Google My Business profile, which will attract them to your website. Making yourself easy to find online will only result in more visitors on your website. More Foot-Fall At Your Physical Store! When people check your online Google My Business profile and like what they see, naturally, they will visit your store. Therefore, you will have more people visiting your store which will result in increased sales.

Benefits of Working With Digiconian Marketing Agency

Digiconian is a full-service digital marketing agency. So, if you’re looking for something other than just local SEO service for your business, we can help you. At Digiconian, we serve our clients via the following:

Complete Project
Management Schedule

Everyone likes to have a timeline. We provide complete project management schedule so you know what you can expect and when. Our on-boarding process explains how you can read and track the campaign progress.

Monthly Traffic /
Calls Report

Our ultimate goal is to increase website traffic with local SEO and get as many calls/leads through our optimization service. We share monthly reports of ongoing results like calls and traffic.

GMB Monthly
Performance Report

One of the quickest way to analyse your local search performance is the Google My Business Report. Our easy to understand GMB reports will reach your inbox every month with rising local search ranks.

Monthly Customer
Reviews Reporting

Reporting is the best way a client can know about how the entire campaign is performing. We proactively share ongoing reports so you will never be left in dark. Digiconian practices a transparency for every project.

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