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Influencer Marketing For Business Growth & Brand Building

One of the critical aspects of growing your business online is through influencer marketing. Primarily if you are selling direct to customers, and your products or services are for end-users.

Even B2B companies are using influencer marketing, which I know from my first-hand experience. I have recently tied up with at least three huge IT companies who want me to try their technologies and introduce it to small business users. Of course, being a technology influencer myself at Digital Conqueror blog, I have worked with at least 500 companies since 2009.

Case study

For one of our clients from Nashik, India, we did press outreach to international media to promote a game launch. However, even though we got attention from prominent game publications, we wanted our users to experience the gameplay, which we did through video influencers from YouTube.

I don’t sell digital products, so where do influencers fit in my digital marketing?

For some direct to customer businesses, influencers are an active medium to generate leads or sales. Also, for B2B and large-scale service providers, they can build trust for your brand or extend your brand presence to their audience.

Difference between traditional media & influencers

Traditional media like magazines or big news portals have millions of subscribers and readers. But publishing your advertisement there can cost enormous amounts of money. A growing business cannot afford that. Influencers, on the other hand, have their small group of audience that trusts them – let’s say 10 to 50 thousand readers a month, but making a deal with them is cost-effective, and you get focused attention compared to large portals or newspapers.

In today’s age, even if you’re buying a product after seeing the ad creative from a local newspaper, you want to search the web for reviews and videos and whatnot. Why? – You want to make a smart purchase now because you’re an intelligent digital consumer.

Influencer marketing can help your potential consumers make a smart purchase. And trust me, you don’t want to miss that opportunity.

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