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How We Generated 400% ROI in Just 30 Days of Digital Marketing

Our agency recently came across a client from the education industry that wanted to bring us students within 30 days of online marketing. They neither had a website nor the brand value we could’ve leveraged.

Results – 400% ROI on the money we invested for our client. And this is how we achieved it with our digital marketing efforts.


If you’ve ever worked with any digital marketing agency, you might know that testing is key to the success of your campaign. For some products, one to two weeks of testing is enough, and for some, it might take more than a month to get enough data to analyze.

Testing brings us key metrics about the demographics we’re targeting, the quality of our ads, and spills all the essential information about running a successful campaign.

So for us, the challenge was to convince the client to let us do testing before we can get the students to enroll in their classes. They basically missed the boat by not meeting us early in their yearly life-cycle.

It was time-sensitive as if we don’t do advertising for them now, students will enroll somewhere else. So we took the challenge.

Challenge Accepted!

We did accept the challenge, and like every other campaign, everything was a blank canvas for us. We needed to test, but we want to convert while doing it.


We Planned a SEMI-TESTING campaign. Something that brings us data and leads from students. We did our major data collection offline by spending more time with the educational institute, their history, and learning more about the students. We wanted to know what challenges students are facing to select the perfect educational institute for them, to get necessary consultation from the institutes, and successfully enroll. In over 10 hours of our consultation with various teachers and owners of the institute, we identified several pain areas.

We zeroed down on two of them – In classroom experience and getting talented “teachers”. We discussed several options with the Institute on creating the offer students can’t resist, and they both solved their problems.


We offered students discount on yearly enrolment as a scholarship, based on their grades or percentages of marks. This lucrative offer allowed students to get a bigger discount by earning bigger numbers in their prior exams. And it also helped the institute get a lot of high grader’s.

So this was basically our Landing Page A


We help institute create an in-class experience for a certain time, which students could learn for 100% free. Out of the 100 institutes they haven’t seen they could experience this one first hand with faculty, facilities and most importantly the quality of education.

‘In-class experience’ became our Landing Page B


These two solutions were basically key to this whole campaign and they let us A/B test two of the best offers in the city.

Next thing was the delivery of the campaign which we did through both Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and minor re-marketing due to shorter time frames.

Results were impressive. Not just the above industry average click-through’s but the leads were generated with a 7% conversion rate. As you can see in following conversion map, we were generating leads in all three phases of the campaign – Testing, Scaling and Re-marketing.

Out of the 65 leads received, the institute was able to convert 9 of the students for their yearly enrollment. Few of them also converted for smaller courses.

These are not a huge number for total leads but for test/leads campaign, for a virtually non-existent brand online within 30 days, it’s quite amazing.

For the client’s spend of over USD 1250 on Ads in the overall campaign plus another USD 1250 in making their website, creatives, landing pages, and our management fees they spent about USD 2500 total.

We were able to generate a revenue of over USD 10000. which is four times as much from a small campaign! – 400% return on investment.

For our next campaigns, we are pushing the 10x budget, and there won’t be any considerable setup charges, which will push more budget into advertising.

From the total campaign done by the institute (both traditional & online), we were able to bring 16% of students of the total enrollment. This year we’re planning to bring 50% of the enrollment from digital marketing itself.

With enough time on our hands, the leads conversion rate can be easily doubled. We’re already working on their upcoming campaigns for other educational courses.

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